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About me

When I first started photographing it was because I feared small sentimental moments getting lost. I wanted a way to materialize the beautiful, meaningful images I saw in my mind's eye. How else could I give tribute to a hugging couple or the wind blowing through an older woman's hair? Who would testify that life's beautiful moments happened? My personal views and photographic journey has evolved quite a bit since then :) 


I strive for a natural and organic style, no-frills, keeping it real. I hope to create images you can fall in love with because I believe your no-frills real life, is gorgeous. I'm looking out for small moments, documented inconspicuously. 

When I'm not photographing or editing, I can be found whipping something up in the kitchen, accruing strange fun facts, binging on the latest history documentary, or taking walks looking for little plant cuttings to add to my garden. 

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"“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”"

— Robert Frank


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