Beautiful Photoshoot in Tel Aviv Carmel Market

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

There's no better way to start off spring than blogging this gorgeous springtime session which all started with falling in love with Tel Aviv's Carmel Market.

Photoshoot in Yemenite Quarter Tel Aviv

Australia, Los Angeles, and finding one another in the middle.

With Australia and Los Angeles being a 21 hour flight apart, it's pretty clear that Tel Aviv is the perfect location to fall in love. Having both fallen in love with Tel Aviv, and then The Yemenite Corner, Kerem HaTeimanim, the cute neighborhood hugging Tel Aviv's Carmel Market, it was only a matter of time before Mark and Emily fell in love with each other.

Photoshoot in Yemenite Quarter Tel Aviv

Photoshoot in Yemenite Quarter Tel Aviv

Mark and Emily contacted me to do an engagement photography session after they got engaged. Hoping to do more than a 'Save The Date' session, a photography session that might also pay tribute to their first home together; a place they loved as they fell in love.

Photoshoot in Yemenite Quarter in Tel Aviv

We started off the session at their apartment, early Friday morning, before the crowds would build in the Yemenite Quarter. Known for its cute cafes, bars, and authentic Yemenite cuisine, it can get pretty packed pretty quick. Mark was a little hesitant about being photographed in public (and I let him know how common that was from boyfriends, fiances, and dad's alike) and because I believe photos look as good as clients are comfortable, I wanted to capitalize on lesser crowds.

Engagement Shoot in Tel Aviv

I love getting photograph couples, especially young love. The three of us circles around Kerem HaTeimanim, ducking in and out of alleyways and apartment entrances, looking for beautiful light and color.

We decided to head into the Carmel Market, a place near and dear to Mark and Emily's hearts.

Black and white image of couple strolling in Tel Aviv

Couple at flower shop in Carmel Market Tel Aviv

Couple at flower shop in Carmel Market Tel Aviv

We stopped off at their favorite flower shop and picked up Emily's favorite flowers (I am totally blanking on the name of them, let me know if you know!), and continued our way around the market. Stopping for kisses, cuddles, and a few precious moments, before making their way back home.

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